Monday, January 14, 2013

Gourmet Snack: Cucumber & Chicken Poppers

Here's a quick and easy snack that is not only guilt-free but tastey!

Cucumber & Chicken poppers

A 1.5-2'' cucumber slice yields two poppers. Double or triple recipe for more popper bites!

Light Cream Cheese
Roughly 2 inches of a peeled & cored cucumber slice
Two thin slices of cucumber using a potato peeler
Several bits of shredded canned chicken--guess who's making chicken salad tomorrow?
A few bits of shredded carrots
A few bits of finely, finely chopped broccoli (use a food chopper)

Cut about 2'' off a peeled cucumber. Cut it in half down the middle so that it later forms a crescent moon shape. Scoop out the seeds. Using the potato peeler, thinly peel some unused cucumber (to be used to act as a "cup" for the rest of the ingredients). This isn't really necessary, but it makes it look gourmet and cute. Spread cream cheese onto the thin slice of cucumber and pile the rest of the ingredients into it. Place it carefully into the cucumber. Sprinkle a couple extra broccoli bits on to to garnish.

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