Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eat your veggies: pt 1 (Scrambled Veggie Omlette)

This year, my resolution is to get fit and feed my boys even more fruits and veggies than ever!

Here's how we kicked off the morning: Scrambled Veggie Omlette!

Here's what I did: makes 4 servings
Finely chop an assortment of veggies, a small clove of garlic and about an inch of an onion slice (whatever is in your fridge).

I love using my Kitchen Aid chopper because it's so quick and easy! I'm sure other brands make the same type of thing. Try to get your hands on something similar if you need to finely chop things to sneak veggies into your meals!

Slow cook the veggies in a little bit of butter until tender. Beat 5 eggs, add a splash of milk and some shredded cheese, and add to the veggies mixture in the small skillet. Obviously, if you'd like this more heart-healthy, you can add egg whites and skip the cheese. My boys and I love cheesy "scrambies" though.

 Hint for moist and Delicious eggs: cook low & slow! Don't overcook the eggs.

Make sure you chop up extra of everything before you clean up. Store them in little serving containers and freeze them. You can whip up these gourmet scrambies in no time flat and impress your crowd!

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