Monday, January 14, 2013

Eat your veggies! pt. 3: "Three Little Bears" Finger Sandwiches

Well, it's been several days since the Dino sandwiches, so I felt it was time to experiment with a bear cookie cutter and a couple of different veggies. Watch out, Goldie Locks may come into your home and snatch these up because they are "just right."
Three Little Bears Finger Sandwiches
Hey, how about reading the three little pigs story while they much away!

White or (preferably) whole wheat bread (1 slice renders 1 shape).
Light cream cheese
2 broccoli florets, chopped to tiny bits (use a food chopper)
Shredded carrots (about several baby carrot's worth)
Shredded cheese (about a palmful)
Several Julienned slices of tomato

Cut out your bear shapes. Spread the cream cheese all across the bread. Don't go too skimpy on the cheese...this is the glue that holds the veggies together on the bread, and what gets the kid(s) to love eating the sandwich in the first place. Spread a layer of broccoli on top of the cream cheese for the shirt, and then do a layer of broccoli where the pants should be. Gently spread the shredded cheese over the face. Place a julienned tomato for the belt between the carrots and broccoli. For the mouth, use one carrot shred. For the eyes, use two of the larger pieces of broccoli bits.

It's not going to be shot in a magazine, so don't worry about perfection and just have fun! Maybe let the kids "color" the sandwich themselves!

Did it pass the twin test? Let's find out!
Jake thinking: what's that, mommy?

Ooo...cream cheese! That's the hook & bait!

Sam just grabbed it and plunged in...

And devoured.

Yup, it was a complete mess, but a few bread bits was all that survived!
 What did mommy have?
 The older crowd who'd rather not have animal shapes can have little finger sandwiches. Just cover the bread as you please and cut into 4 squares.

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